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My U-FUE Classic

As one of the few hair restoration doctors worldwide, Dr. Mwamba offers a Follicular Unit Extraction without shaving head technique.

U-FUE hair transplant means literally 'Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant ".

Basically, the hair must not be cut short or shaved in the recipient area at My U-FUE hair transplants. It can be distinguished between three types/variants of My U-FUE hair transplant, depending on the type of shaving in the extraction region / donor area.

The "My U-FUE Classic"An FUE hair transplant without any type of shaving (or zero and no shave). This means absolute no (zero) shaving - shave in the recipient area, as well as no (zero) shaving - shave in the removal area! Other doctors calling this as example FUE without shaving head technique, non shaven FUE, no shave FUE, Unshaven FUE, or no shaving FUE.  

Prior to extraction each graft will only be trimmed by special scissors. The true benefit of this hair restoration method lies in the fact that there are no visible signs of hair restoration after the procedure. As it is very labour intensive and time-consuming only a maximum of about 500 grafts / FU`s may removed in a single day (instead of 1000 Grafts per day with the " My U-FUE GJ Cut" or " My U-FUE Patchy Shaven ").