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My U - FUE hair transplant in women

At least if the hair loss can already be recognized by other people as hair loss, begins a huge ordeal for those affected. Knowing that men like to expect full hair and beautiful hairstyles for women , many women try many remedies for hair loss and hoping to be able to do something against hair loss and let a lot of money for remedies against hair loss. 

Drugs often less successful against hair loss in women

But similar as the male sex, the drugs against hairloss mostly are not very successful. In favorable cases the hereditary hair loss possible will be reduced , or even stopped, but and if already sparse or bald spots are reached , also the drugs will mostly not working.

Is such a state (bald spots) reached, then only a hair transplant can promise success and will be able to let new hairs grow on bald areas of women again.

The limits of hair restoration in women: the total number of hairs will not be increase!

Basically, a hair transplant is also possible for women and using the same techniques as in men, the follicular unit transplantation, or Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE). If no circular hair loss and no diffuse hair loss is present and also the hair ring is still covered well and tight, a hair transplant is also available for womens.

However, it is essential to know and to prevent disappointment - especially for women - that hair restoration can not increas the total amount of hairs. Say through a hair restoration the total amount of hair on the head will not be raised . Mistakenly is often just assumed from women that also the overall hair volume and total hair count will increas, but this is not the case. As a hair transplant costs a lot of money to avoid disappointing that all should be noted .

A hair transplant can help to to increase the density in affected areas through hairloss, or to let hairs grow again on bald areas, but also important to know that the hair density in the donor area will decreases. The extracted hairs will grow in future in the transplanted area, instead of grow in the donor area.

However over the years in the history of hair transplants it has been discovered , that 60 - 50 % of the original density is normally enough to reach optical full hair and normally will not look thin. The reason that the hair follicles in the donor area hair grow very flat from the head and therefore normally a low hair density will be enough to achieve satisfactory optical hair density.

Hair transplantation in women with a high forehead

But there are also women with high forehead and also opt for a hair transplant. Many women with a high forehead can not wear the wished haircut, such as wear the hair from his forehead and have the wish of a deeper forehead. This wish can be fulfilled with a hair transplant, but good hair density per square centimeter must be transplanted into the hairline and special for women, because experience has shown that women by nature have a high hair density in the hair lines

The FUE hair transplant and the disadvantages of shaving

The FUE is nowadays one of the most modern method of hair transplants. Extractions with small hollow needles from 0.75 to 1.00 mm, which small wounds heal very quickly and it usually leaves only very small scars, which are not discernible with the human eye. 

Disadvantages of this technique , however, are :

  • Higher prices and higher costs
  • The FUE significantly need more time( as opposed to FUT hair transplant and here are more possible to extract 3000 Grafts or more per day. With fue hair transplant and manual and careful extraction the amount will normally be approximately 1000 Grafts per day. Notice that possible more grafts per day with fue can be extracted, when the excraction will be performed with micromotors. But Dr. Mwamba prefer the manual extraction).
  • A necessary shaving in the recipient area and often many hair surgeons like to shave the hair in the donor area or even like to shave the complete head. 

Because of possibly necessary shaves in the recipient area and / or removal area, many women often want not do an FUE hair transplant and special also not women and men who want to be quickly socially acceptable again. Hair grows only about 1 cm a month and a shave to about 1 mm , it would take 24 months or 2 years, to the hair , for example, again reach a length of 24 cm.

The solution for a FUE hair transplant without shaving : My U- FUE hair transplant for women

For women who prefer a minimally invasive FUE and do not want do a strip surgery - or a strip surgery (FUT) is out of the question - but however want no shave the hair - and accepted no shaving and not cut of the recipient or donor area - and additional want to be fast socially acceptable again, now the U-FUE hair restoration is available! Previously, women who did not want to be shaved, mostly then decided for a strip hair transplant or against a hair transplant there was no other choice.

Regarding My U-FUE hair transplant is to know the following:

Basically, with a My U-FUE Hair transplant it is never needed to shave the recipient area. So you need not an short hair cut in the recipient area or an short hair cut there. The hairs in the recipient area can let be long always. Again and because most patient ask us because this topic again: There will be no shaving in the recipient area in general and there is no need to shave or to cut the hair there!