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Procedure Type: FUE

Sessions: 1

Grafts: 3600

Hair Loss Class: 4

Dr. Patrick Mwamba successfully treated the Norwood five patient by transplanting 3600 FUE by FIT grafts in one session over multiple days. The patient has light brown hair of a medium-fine caliber with about average donor density. At six months post-op, this patient shows noticeable improvement. The six and eight-month results reduce the undesired appearance of premature aging caused by advanced hair loss.

Procedure Type: FUT/Strip

Sessions: 1

Grafts: 2800

Hair Loss Class: 2

This thirty-year-old patient came to see Dr. Patrick Mwamba at MyWHTC clinic in Belgium (Europe) where the frontal scalp was treated with 2800 FUT grafts in one session. The frontotemporal regions and hairline were created based on the patient’s unique needs. The patient’s top priority was to frame and balance the face for improved public appearance. Prior to undergoing the procedure, the patient committed to finasteride, minoxidil, and vitamins with biotin. Below are the eleven-month results photos.

Procedure Type: FUT/Strip - Female transplant

Sessions: 1

Grafts: 2744

Female transplant

Our young faemale hair restoration patient had a big forehead and it is something common in her family .She came to see us with one goal: to lower her hair line and frame her face so she could be able to comb her hair backward.

We recommended her to follow the following treatment:
LED light once week (Triwings) + Help Hair proteins shake once a day.
After 6 months of medical treatment, we scheduled her surgery . We opted for strip surgery for better control of grafts integrity (hair characteristics in black being curve under the scalp).We closed her wound with a double layer sutures.

Results started to be noticeable around 4 months and now we are presenting her 11 months postoperative pictures.

Procedure Type: FIT/Shaven - Female transplant

Sessions: 1

Grafts: 1142

Female transplant